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Easily create your own blockchain reward token. No technology background needed.

Create marketing campaigns and manage them. Decide what actions shall be rewarded and for how much. All while collecting valuable data.

Allow your customer to exchange their reward tokens anywhere in the world. Join the iReward coalition.

Customer First Loyalty Revolution

Earn Tokens by Shopping At Favorite Stores

Your Reward Tokens Never Expire

Exchange Your Rewards And Miles Earned

Redeem Your Rewards Anytime, Anywhere

iReward provides the technology brands need to implement blockchain rewards, customize campaigns and offer a digital and mobile experience.

A token system provides much more pliability for customers when it comes to ways to earn and redeem rewards versus a traditional point system.

iReward allows brands to adopt a cross-border loyalty program without complexity and balance-sheet pressures.

All Rewards in
One Place

The average customer has 10-15 loyalty cards in their wallet. With iReward, customers can keep all rewards in one place. Customers are able to view and manage all rewards earned across the iReward network right from their phone. Tokens will be displayed in terms of individual brands, as well as collectively. From there, customers are able to exchange tokens from one brand for another or share their tokens with friends and family. And for those who want to explore trading crypto currency, they can take their token and trade it in a crypto currency exchange.

Perfect Intergration

We've made it easy for you to integrate iReward with your E-Commence Website or In-Store Point of Sales.
With a couple clicks your customer can start earning your personalized reward token.